Should you eat before or after banya? We explore how to rehydrate fast, and take a look at foods high in electrolytes, as well as herbal tea and mors…and discover the ways to make the most of your unfforg banya experience.
Want to know the best way to get the best recovery after a marathon? Entering the London Marathon 2024 and don’t want to suffer afterward? Follow our post-run recovery guide and learn about the best methods of marathon recovery.
Must-Try Pancakes in London – Homemade thin pancakes, served with sour cream and salmon caviar.
The UK’s first authentic kvass made by QUAS is now exclusively available on tap at Banya No.1 – Chiswick.
Why spa gift vouchers are the perfect present. Whatever the occasion - birthday, St. Valentine’s, even the best Christmas gift - give day spa vouchers. We explore why to buy a gift spa day is the ideal way to treat anyone for any occasion.
A Spa Day will turn your special occasion into a memorable experience. Whether it’s a hen party, family reunion, couples’ or mother-daughter spa day, a visit to a Banya is sure to make it extra special.
Celebrated Twice: The New Year and the Russian Old New Year are both important and celebrating both is a New Year tradition. But how does this fit into the Russian banya experience, and what is the best way to celebrate like a Russian?
How to Banya: your personal guide to your unusual spa experience.
Banya experience is the best way to get over jet lag and boost jet lag recovery. How jet lag recovery works - and why you should book a banya session whenever you book a flight.
New Year’s Resolutions to boost your health in 2024 and how the Banya experience can help you with your new healthy habits. New Year - New Me is just a banya away!
In the countdown to Christmas - why a visit to the spa should be on your Christmas list, for you and for your friends. And why Christmas spa breaks really do make the best Christmas gift.
How to strengthen your immune system. The banya experience as an immune system booster, its healing power and how it helps protect you against the cold and flu season.
How the Banya experience actively promotes skin health. By combining cleansing pores, improved circulation and promoting collagen for skin, a Banya spa experience can give you many anti-ageing benefits!
Meet Banya No.1 - Chiswick alcohol-free alternatives drinks.
Spa days for two really are the perfect indulgent spa experience for couples, but they need not be just for special occasions. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect couples spa day for you!
The benefits of Russian banya. How the banya experience aids blood circulation, muscle recovery, healthy skin and has many mental health benefits. Discover why banya is good for your mood!
Everything you need to know about cold water therapy. Ice bath benefits and how cold water, ice rub, snow or the icy plunge pool are essential to the Russian banya experience.
Spa and massage sounds like a perfect combination. But does double the fun mean double relaxation? Is it good to massage in the Banya? We take a look at the banya experience and discover the benefits of taking Banya and massage together.
Russian banya and women’s health. An exploration of the health benefits that a Russian sauna has for women’s health and how they can help you reach your health goals.
How Russian banya can help your workout recovery. A look at how taking a spa after a workout or training can aid muscle recovery, take stress out of the body and why it is great for boosting recovery.
Is banya good for detox and weight loss? A look at the effects of the Russian Banya experience on our health, losing weight and detoxification benefits.
Stress reduction and the benefits of Russian banya. How banya helps you beat stress and anxiety, improves mood, improves sleep, and is an important tool for everyone for reducing stress.
The world history of baths - an insight into the evolution of bathing and public baths. How and why they came about and why they are still as important to us today.
Russian banya vs traditional Finnish sauna - which is better? An in-depth look at the differences between the two, and what experiences each has to offer you.
Top 10 Reasons to Go to Banya in the Summer. Why it is the perfect time to visit a steam room and what the summer banya experience is all about.
A complete guide to the venik: The traditional Russian banya and the many health benefits of the venik - what it is and what it can do for your body and mind.
Why you should wear a hat in the banya. Everything you need to know about the benefits of banya hats and how they keep you feeling - and looking - cool.
Everything you need to know about public Banya rules. What to expect, what to do and what to avoid, to make your visit even more enjoyable!

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