Spa treatments

Please take a look at the traditional treatments performed by our skilled bathhouse experts.

If you only have one banya treatment - then make it Parenie. In this traditional treatment, leafy, fragrant branches are used to create the classic steam banya experience.
Body Scrubs are the perfect accompaniment to Parenie; the steam experience prepares your skin perfectly for the exfoliating and nourishing scrub which follows.
An authentic, organic treatment that gently exfoliates the skin, cleanses pores and allows your skin to breathe again.
All the amazing health benefits of aloe vera are concentrated in a hair and body treatment unlike any other. Moisturising, nourishing, healing and stimulating both skin and hair together.
Utilising all the many benefits of Dead Sea Mineral Mud, these treatments have many health benefits and will leave your skin looking clear and feeling amazing.
Our experienced therapists offer a range of different massage options and techniques, so you will always find the perfect treatment - whatever you are looking for.
Aromatics are an important part of the banya experience, and like everything else we do at Banya No.1, our aroma steam is all-natural, using a range of plants and herbs, to create the perfect environment for your enjoyment.
The sudden ice cold will close your pores, promoting the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The result of this is to make your skin smooth and shiny, looking younger and feeling fresher.

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