Did you miss Shrove Tuesday? Indulge yourself on Pancake week

Maslenitsa, also known as Russian pancake week, is an ancient Orthodox Christian holiday celebrated at the end of February or the beginning of March and mark the end of winter. In 2024: from 11th March until 17th March.

Tons of Blini, are cooked and eaten during this week with a range of indulgent sweet and savoury fillings. Caviar is the most popular and delicious pancake filling.

What does Blini mean in English?

Thin, delicate and soft pancakes.

Must-Try Pancakes in London

Homemade thin pancakes, served with a sour cream and salmon caviar at Banya No.1 – Chiswick. The Best place to celebrate Maslenitsa.

Pancake week - Maslenitsa - Banya No.1 - Chiswick

Enjoy Blini in our cosy rest and relaxation area during your next Banya session.

Our tea selection to accompany your unusual Spa Experience.

Fireweed Ivan Chai Tea - Banya No.1 - Chiswick


Pancakes are the key during Maslenitsa, but there’s more to the week festival than just food. Sleigh rides, snowball fights, family gatherings and general merrymaking are all part of the tradition.

Traditions for Each Day of the Maslenitsa

Monday – Meeting
On the first day of the party the people make the big straw doll and decorate it. This doll is called Lady Maslenitsa. We started preparing and eating blini with family members.

Tuesday – Games
It was the day when young people could meet their other half while participating in various games and fun activities.

Wednesday – Gourmand
The most delicious day. On this day the mothers-in-law prepared blini for their sons-in-law. But actually, everyone cooks pancakes and treat all guests.

Thursday – Celebrations
Another day full of fun activities with sleds rides, snowball fights, street shows, traditional fights among men.

Friday – Afternoon Blini with Mother-in-law
This time sons-in-law would treat their mother-in-laws to blini. But actually, everyone cooks pancakes and treat all guests.

Saturday – the Meeting with Sister-in-Law
Newly married wives would prepare blinis for their new relatives. But actually, as you know :)), everyone cooks pancakes and treat all guests.

Sunday – Forgiveness Day
The most important day and the culmination of all the festivities. It is time to burn the Lady Maslenitsa in a bonfire. This ritual symbolises the start of a new life. And therefore, on this day we apologize to our family, friends and beloved ones for everything we could have done wrong before. This is a mark of the ending of festivities.

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