Draught kvass is now available at Banya No.1 – Chiswick

The UK’s first authentic kvass made by QUAS is now exclusively available on tap at Banya No.1 – Chiswick.

Kvass, a 1,000-year-old fermented non-alcoholic beverage traditionally made from bread, has been reintroduced with a modern twist by Quas, the first company in the UK to craft authentic kvass.

Draught kvass made by QUAS - Banya No.1 - Chiswick

Unique in its production, Quas is also the pioneer worldwide in fermenting kvass using a sourdough starter. This innovative approach results in the final Quas product being unpasteurised and unfiltered, thereby preserving over 500 billion beneficial bacteria per serving. These bacteria, naturally present in sourdough, are essential for our gut health, offering a testament to the beverage’s traditional roots and modern health-conscious adaptation.

In contrast, the genuine draught kvass stands markedly apart from the kvass-type drinks found in local Eastern-European shops. The latter often contains 2-3 times more sugar than our kvass and may bypass the traditional fermentation process altogether, opting instead for a mixture of syrup, sugar, water, and CO2. Furthermore, some producers use only yeast for fermentation, adding citric or lactic acid to mimic the organic acids that beneficial bacteria would typically produce in authentic kvass. Such practices, along with pasteurisation and filtration, strip away the core health benefits kvass is known for. Consequently, our new kvass not only revives an ancient beverage but also ensures its nutritional integrity and health benefits are preserved for contemporary consumers.

Do not forget to try att your next visit Banya No.1 – Chiswick.

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