Food menu

Banya No.1 – Chiswick offers traditional delicacies and drinks that provide you with a vitamin boost and hydration – both much needed for your balanced recovery after banya treatments.



Homemade small pie with choice of meat, cabbage or mushroom fillings.
Herring with onion
Expertly cut herring and thoughtfully paired with tangy marinated onions. Served with honey mustard sauce.
Cured salmon
Premium salmon, slightly cured to perfection, resulting in a rich, savory taste. Served with honey mustard sauce.
Boiled potatoes with dill and butter
Delicately prepared, these tender potatoes are boiled with a generous sprinkle of fresh dill. Creamy butter adds a rich and indulgent flavour.
Herring with onion and potatoes
The herring, renowned for its rich and robust taste, pairs seamlessly with the savory notes of marinated onions and the hearty texture of potatoes. Served with honey mustard sauce.
Salo platter
Lardo with garlic. Cured pork fat. Famous traditional Ukrainian food.
Veggie Platter
Seasonal fresh vegetables. Served with sour cream.
Meat platter
3 types of cured meats.
Pickles Platter
Pickled gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms and sauerkraut. The Gut Superfood.


Soup of the day
Ask kitchen staff for a selection. Healthy, halal and vegetarian options.
Borsch soup
The king of soups. Homemade vegan beetroot soup. Served with sour cream.
Add to Borsch
Add salo and garlic (£3.50) for authentic taste. Add sour cream (£2) and rye bread (£2).

Good for beer

Local crayfish, shell on, with dill. Served with paprika mayo sauce. 500g
Atlantic shell on prawns with dill. Served with paprika mayo sauce. 500g
Garlic rye breadsticks
Crispy breadsticks, a delightful fusion of rich, earthy rye and the pungent allure of garlic.
Salmon Jerky
Dried wild caught Pacific salmon strips.
Dried salted fish. Dried Pacific cod strips.

Homemade Salads

Festive potato salad. Boiled root veggies, eggs, tuna, pickles, peas, mayo.
Traditional boiled root veggie salad. Beets, carrots, potatoes,peas, oil.
Summer salad
Fresh vegetable salad. Tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, oil.

Homemade hearty meals

Homemade cottage cheese pancakes with choice of jam, condensed milk or sour cream.
Homemade thin pancakes with salmon caviar. Served with sour cream.
Ossetian pies
Homemade Ossetian pies. Available in 5 flavours: beef, cheese, potatoes and cheese, cabbage and walnut, spinach and cheese.
Pelmeni with beef
Homemade beef dumplings. Served with sour cream.
Vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms
Homemade mashed potatoes and mushrooms dumplings. Served with sour cream.
Vareniki with cherries
Homemade sweet dumplings filled with cherries. Served with sour cream.
Uzbek Plov
Rice cooked with chicken or beef, carrots, onion, garlic and Asian spices.
Chicken and Turkey meatballs with Buckwheat
Savour the delightful combination of chicken and turkey meatballs atop nutty buckwheat, all embraced by a savoury tomato sauce.

Food sets

Veggie set
A tasty vegetarian lunch. Boiled potatoes with dill and butter. Pickles assortment: gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, sauerkraut. Crispy garlic rye breadsticks.
Baltic Set
Authentic Baltic Food. Herring with onion and potatoes. Served with honey mustard sauce. Pickles assortment: gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, sauerkraut. Rye bread.
Siberian Set
Taste of Siberia. Cured salmon, served with honey mustard sauce. Borsch - homemade beetroot soup, served with sour cream. Rye bread. Dumplings with beef, served with sour cream.
Chiswick Set
Spoonful of ossetra caviar 30g and a shot of Beluga Vodka. This perfect pairing is the epitome of Russian tradition.


Tea selection

Banya No.1 Tea
Banya No.1 Blend herbal tea. 1,5L pot. Linden, thyme, mint, chamomile.
Seabuckthorn Berry Tea
A superberry with 4 omega 3, 4, 7 and 9 oils and tons of vitamin C. 1,5L pot.
Buckwheat Tea
Buckwheat kernels roasted to perfection. The caffeine-free tea. 1,5L pot.
Lemon & Ginger Tea
Fresh lemon and ginger warming mix. 1,5L pot.
Dagestan Black Tea with Mountain Herbs
Black tea leaves. Contains caffeine. White mint, St John’s wort, thyme, sage. 1,5L pot.
Siberian Wild Herbs Tea
Herbal mix with frosty rhodiola (siberian gingseng). 1,5L pot.
Fireweed Tea
Fermented fireweed leaves. 1,5L pot.
Sushki and pryaniki
Traditional Russian sweets. Sushki - crunchy, slightly sweet bread rings. Pryaniki - Russian gingerbreads - sweet cookies flavored with spices.
Buckwheat or Linden honey.

Soft drinks

Draught Kvass 0%
The UK’s first genuine live bread non-alcoholic kvass fermented using sourdough. 285ml
Kvass 1.2%
Fermented rye soft drink. 1L
Homemade kvass
Homemade rye bread soft drink. 1L
Cranberry Mors
Homemade cranberry drink with apples, oranges, tarragon, mint. 1L
Water “Belu”
Sparkling or still water.
Mineral Water Borjomi
Unique naturally carbonated Georgian mineral water. 500ml

Alcohol drinks

Draught beer 5.4%
"Blue moon" beer. 330ml
Beer Staropramen 5%
Beer Becks Blue 0%
Bobkoff shot
Vodka shot 35ml and a little pickle.
WHISKY Glenfiddich 15 YO
Whisky shot. 35ml
Vodka “Elit” shot
Vodka shot. 35ml
Champagne Taittinger Brut Reserve
Vodka “Elit”
Vodka “Grey Goose”

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