Once-A-Month Membership

Terms & conditions:
– One visit a month on any day & any time** (Mon-Sun 09:30am-10:30pm)
– Each visit includes 3-hour session and Parenie treatment (for each guest)
Book online
– Cancel any time***

** Membership for 2-6 persons: All persons are expected to visit together.
*** Cancellation is available after 3 month and required to be made not less than one week before the next month’s payment due.

Join online

For 1 person: £75 / monthly

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For 2 persons: £145 / monthly

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For 3 persons: £210 / monthly

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For 4 persons: £280 / monthly

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For 5 persons: £350 / monthly

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For 6 persons: £420 / monthly

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Annual Membership

We offer three options for the annual membership to Banya No 1 – Chiswick. All options include the following benefits:

  • Unlimited 3-hour sessions* (except Bank Holidays)
  • 25% discount on hire of Karelia private lounge
  • 15% off for treatments and accessories**
  • 2 FREE guests per month – only new customers introduced by the member
  • Members’ gift pack: Banya hat, flip flops, and sauna bag
  • Additional family member: 50% of annual membership
  • Free additional linen towels
  • Up to 2 months’ freeze

*at least one treatment per session should be booked

** Discounts apply to Members only (not Guests)


Mon-Fri, 09:30am-5pm  £1,089 (equivalent to £90 a month)


Mon-Fri, 9:30am-10:30pm £1,309 (equivalent to £109 a month)

Any time

Mon-Sun, 09:30am-10:30pm – £1,529 (equivalent to £127/month)

Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying.

Please, call us to find out more about our Membership programme.

You can buy Annual Membership via the phone/ WhatsApp (+44 7 458 386 519) or at Reception.

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