New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Health

Here’s an early warning for you – 2024 will soon be upon us and with it will come the annual ritual of setting someNew Year’s Resolutions. For some of us, this is a time for self-reflection and determination to enhance our lives. For others, it’s a stressful mission of goal setting that they feel doomed to fail after only a few weeks, despite all the good intentions.

Often, people will centre their resolutions around diet, exercise routines, stress reduction, weight loss and better sleep patterns, without setting a concrete plan for how to achieve them – and this is why (more often than not) they soon fail.

We have a better suggestion, however. Plan simply, don’t overstretch yourself, and most importantly, be clever in how you plan.

How does the thought of one simple New Year resolution sound, that would take care of many of the above-mentioned ideals, all in one go? We are talking about one healthy habit that will help you to:

  • Detox
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Lose weight

And best of all – this healthy habit is genuinely enjoyable too!

Many of us in the past have promised ourselves that we will join the gym in January – and many of us do, only to fall away and stop going by February! We suggest trying a different approach to health – or at the very least, a complement to your gym routine.

A spa experience is a great pathway to improved health for all the reasons we have just mentioned; even more so if you are gym training as well, because a banya experience actually helps your body to heal and recover after gym training.

You don’t even need to join the banya – as you do a gym. Just come along and enjoy some amazing healthy sessions!

So if you are looking for New Year’s resolution ideas that will work, then make sure that your healthy New Year’s Resolution for 2024 includes visits to Banya No.1 – Chiswick.

Why You Should Make Banya One of Your Healthy Habits


The Russian banya experience is a great detox for the body – good at any time of year, but especially beneficial after the Christmas holiday!

The banya steam room triggers sweating in the body – which is our natural detox process. After a week or two of heavy Christmas indulgence, a banya detox is the best way to prepare for a healthy new year / new me in January!

At the core of the banya experience lies this prowess in detox. The amalgamation of high heat in the sauna induces copious sweating, aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. This expulsion of impurities – combined with cold plunges – increases circulation and invigorates the body’s detoxification process. The end result is a thorough cleansing that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized from within.

Parenie thermal treatment - Banya No.1 - Chiswick

Reduce stress

A spa experience has been proven to reduce stress. While we bathe in the glorious steam of the banya, our body experiences some wonderful sensations, one of them being the release of the happy hormones – endorphins. These work to reduce stress in our bodies and help us relax, unwind and let go of all the tensions we didn’t even realise were there!

Stress permeates our lives everywhere and impacts our mental well-being. The banya experience offers a serene refuge that detaches you from your daily stresses for a few hours. The sauna’s heat eases muscular tension and this further enhances relaxation in the mind. Through regular banya visits, you can cultivate a peaceful state of mind that some otherwise find impossible, helping them handle stress and encouraging mental wellness.

Bucket showers - Banya No.1 -Chiswick Icy plunge pool - Banya No.1 - Chiswick

Sleep better

Sleep is so important to us physically and mentally – yet we so often neglect it.  We all know that quality sleep is the cornerstone of good health, and the banya’s relaxation benefits extend to improving your sleep patterns. As the body unwinds during banya sessions, it primes itself for restful sleep.

After some time off over Christmas, we may think we are relaxed and ready for the new year, but overeating and (even more so) over-drinking will actually interrupt our sleep patterns and leave us feeling sluggish and worse than at the start of the holiday!

The banya experience helps us sleep better – partly by reducing our stress levels (above) but also by relieving tired and aching muscles. As well as this, the rise and then fall of temperatures experienced can also aid in a sounder, more restful night’s sleep.

Losing weight

Yes – banya can even help you with your losing weight goals! Regular banya experiences lead to improved general health and while spa visits will not directly make you lose weight by themselves, if your aim is to lose weight and you are taking steps to do so, then banya experiences absolutely can contribute to the success of the other steps you are taking.

New Year, New Me

As you deliberate over your New Year’s resolutions, contemplate embracing the ‘new year, new me’ mantra by integrating some simple healthy habits into your routine. Rather than focusing solely on joining a gym or modifying your diet, how about planning a more holistic approach?

Incorporating banya visits into your resolutions is simpler than you might imagine. As with any resolution plan that stands a chance of success, begin by setting yourself simple, achievable goals. Scheduling a banya session just once or twice a week.

No habits are formed overnight – they first develop through conscious commitment, so booking a few sessions in advance is the perfect way to cement this into your diary while the mood is upon you. And once you have attended a couple of times, you will understand why you won’t want to miss out on your other sessions.

Maximizing your Banya Experience

In your first few visits to the banya, try out a few different things to discover what you like the most.

Aside from the steam room and plunge pool, Banya No.1 – Chiswick has a wide range of other treatment experiences to try. Massages, scrubs, wraps and other skin treatments – and of course, the thermal treatment Parenie is a must.

Not to mention a wonderful rest and relaxation area (with your own private booth), serving a wide range of food and drinks. Who said New Year Resolutions can’t be enjoyable?

So this new year, challenge yourself to try out some of the enriching health benefits of the banya experience. Enhance your healthy habits resolutions by taking a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Cultivate Your Healthy Habits for Long-Term Health

The great news is that the Russian banya experience is a sustainable wellness practice. Beyond the initial thrill – which you will love, by the way – regular banya visits will give you enduring health benefits. By making it a routine, you are cultivating a habit that will support your long-term health and set the stage for a sustained, healthier lifestyle that will last longer than just a few weeks.

The life expectancy of a New Year’s Resolution is usually a couple of months at most – so this year why not make a change and break away from the norms?

Make 2024 the turning point where you prioritise self-care and focus on your holistic wellness. Let the spa experience guide you towards a healthier, rejuvenated, and invigorated version of yourself.

And remember – it’s not just about the new year; it’s about evolving into the best possible version of yourself.

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